Hi, I'm Ellen. I make things sometimes. My background is in video but I like expanding to performance / installation / objects / writing or whatever helps to convey the concept I'm working with. I used to cry a lot so I was very interested in the idea of tears as an artistic medium or object, and I have sold my tears and made paintings from crying. I just moved from Melbourne, Australia to London, UK. You can follow my art and feelings on Instagram: @ellenmaiorano



Ellen Maiorano is a Melbourne-born, London-based multidisciplinary artist working in video, performance and installation, with a focus on human emotion and interaction. Her works have been presented as part of Hackney WickED, Melbourne Fringe Festival, Gertrude Street Projection Festival and Melbourne Underground Film Festival. Often stemming from a personal narrative, her work focuses on human emotion and interaction - the fragile connections that build and break us - exploring both a cynicism and an underlying hope. Ellen completed her Bachelor with Honours in Film and Television at Swinburne University in 2012 and her Graduate Certificate in Visual Art at Victorian College of the Arts in 2014.