Tear Shop

Welcome to Tear Shop, where tears are sold; emotions in jars perfect for gifts or for the home. Tear Shop explores the concept of crying commodified. Is value intrinsic, imposed, or absent? This abstract value is reflected in the varied pricing structure of the tears inside the shop. This asks visitors if there is any worth in crying, and - if so - is it still present away from a face, a person, a story, with no context other than the act of crying itself?

Tear Shop is part of the ongoing Tear Project, exploring the ephemeralness of emotion and the use of tears as artifact or evidence. The capturing of tears is also a performative work of endurance. While the act of crying is genuine, the act of bottling one’s tears is deliberate and artificial. What was once a component to a natural bodily state is now removed and displayed for inspection. Maybe a preserved tear is the closest thing we have to holding pure emotion, or perhaps it is just more bodily waste.

Solo show, 10-23 March 2017, Brunswick Street Gallery, Melbourne.